I purchased a 2Pac can of Aussie instant freeze hairspray 7 oz size. I went to use it and it won't spray it's like all the gas is out of it!!!!

I went back to Walmart where I purchased it and they didn't have any anymore! If I don't get contacted by the company and get a full refund or exchange with product of same that works I will never buy Aussie products again! This is absolutely ridiculous!

How in the *** do they expect people to use their product if the product they buy doesn't work? Or is it a ploy just to get money out of us and we can't get a refund or exchange?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aussie Hair Instant Freeze Hairspray.

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I am having the same issue with the 10 oz Instant Freeze can as well.. Brand new bottle will not work..


My goodness we are testy today.

Annoyed ?


Enraged ?


Paranoid. It's not a plot.

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